1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Senses Working Overtime

Well I don’t know how many pounds make up a ton, Of all the nobel prizes that I’ve never won, And I may be the Mayor of Simpleton, But I know one thing, And that’s I love you.

Andy Partridge

Senses working overtime is quite appropriate. My head is scrambled by Home Thoughts, From Abroad. Ecstasy (XTC) it’s not (clever?). A vision, a name, a song can instantly send you back to that place when you were younger and innocent. Life was a game to be enjoyed and not endured and the sun always shone. Calling on friends and building dens. No technology to hide behind.

Sometimes it will take you off guard and the tears flow washing away those hopes and dreams and aspirations that you had planned. You get older and mistakes are made. The older you get the more amplified until it’s so deafening that you can’t hear logic and good advice. The music carries on but getting quieter, always there. Then, you have that moment of reflection and the beat picks up and tears come down again. The autumn of my life.

Still I love autumn. The days are still usually sunny and there’s a chill in the air that comforts the runner. The days are truncated so there’s an urgency to fit as much in as possible during the daylight hours. The Harriers have been taking part in a 30 Day Plank Challenge and this has awakened my training strategy from way back when. Apart from planking, I’ve supplemented weights and spinning on my exercise bike to my running miles. After cancer treatment my core, and therefore my back, has been very weak so I thought I would have to grasp the nettle and work at it and feel for those benefits.

This morning I trotted out for a chatty run with club mate Kelly Sherriff. Kelly messaged me a couple of days ago suggesting running along the Bridgwater to Taunton canal. We hadn’t ran this route for some time and it seemed like a great shout. We thought this would make a great Sunday Social as everybody could run out as far as they wanted, and at their own pace. After Kelly parked up, we thought for a change to head off right back towards Bridgwater but after about a quarter of a mile that was a no no. We turned back and headed towards Taunton.

The narrow towpath and three swans were carefully negotiated and before we realised 4.8 miles had been traversed. We did have a great chat about nearly everything. We thought to run to just over 5 miles and then head back. A little loop and 10 Strava miles were logged. A brief chat with a father and son magnet fishing and our morning was nearly complete. Nearly, I stripped off my shirt to change for a dry one when a woman cycled by. She slowed down and stared and I was worried she would fall off. Well, at least I can still turn the head of ladies of a certain age. Kerching, a result.

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