And So This Is Christmas And What Have You Done?

Who remembers those selection packs that an auntie or some distant relative would give you for Christmas as a cop out pressie? In my my day it would consist of Spangles a fruit boiled sweet, Marathon a runner’s based chocolate bar and would soon be Snickers, Mars an intergalactic confectionery, and a finger of Fudge. The packaging might include a dice based game that was never played.

I don’t really embrace Christmas. It’s a time for families to get together and celebrate but not for me as my family, what’s left, is spread far and wide. Don’t feel sorry for me as I’m used to spending Christmas that way. I would love to spend Christmas with my family but that’s the way the dice always rolls. Boris always move the goalposts but why should we take heed of him and his ship of fools.

I always thought my family was here with the Harriers but it’s clearly not the case as I’m not sure where I am and who I can trust. There have been some improvements. Matt and Alex have made great improvements with the speed sessions and the the regular runs are extending to 5 miles but not nearly enough as I believe 10k to be the minimum. Back at Tewkesbury, 8 miles was minimum for a club run. I am a second claim member at a club in Cheltenham and they have differing sessions every night. Ok, they are a bigger club but Burnham don’t really offer enough to new runners and I’m sure more can be done to attract new runners from other clubs and park run.

But I’m not captain anymore. I don’t need to think about club runs unless run leaders can’t be bothered and something must be set up and I must be a good club member. Why I should care is beyond me as some of the run leaders can’t be asked. I think I worked hard as club captain without any support from the committee who requested me to resign over a lack of confidence. Fancy asking someone to resign about lack of confidence with someone with no self confidence.

So in short, shit year…again and please embrace me into the club again. I’m not entirely sure how I was left out.

A most satisfying 5km. Joe’s Santa Run and it gave me immense satisfaction to run a fun run and raise money for charity.

Look out for the New Year blog.

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