Where’s Captain Baker? Apologies to Spizz Energi

I was beamed aboard the Starship Enterprise
What I felt what I saw was a total surprise
I looked around and wondered can this be
Or is this the start of my insanity

Oh but it’s true
As we went warp factor 2
And I met all of the crew
Where’s Captain Kirk

Two Metres if you please

Well, it’s been ‘difficult’ this year so far. No, actually, it’s been a f*cking sh&t year to be my first year as captain of my running club. I was elected captain at the AGM at the end of February and since then the coronavirus, Covid 19, has decimated all road and trail racing not to mention normal life. Folks in the know said captaincy will be easy, a doddle. All you have to do is set a route on club nights. Hence my nickname of Captain Calamity.

We came back, post lockdown, running in smaller groups of between 5 and 8 but recent legislation states that by law from Monday 14th September that social groups must be a maximum of 6. Sport England and England Athletics say that organised runs are exempt and can continue with groups of 12 but my wish is to continue in groups of 6 including a coach/run leader. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Super duper, it’s late Summer and folks are trying to get away before the colder weather. Each Run Leader who is absent means 5 members can’t run on a club night. It’s nobody’s fault but it’s a ball ache from a club logistic point of view. Something that was never thought of before Covid 19 is now the central consideration.

From a personal aspect, I’ve been overwhelmed by the response of our members with regard to coming back to running on our Tuesday club night runs. They’ve came and bought into what we’re trying to provide as a club now as they have done during lockdown with Kelly Sherriff’s Daily Collages where members are encouraged to run in a different colour shirt of the rainbow each day, our Spot the Harrier challenge to score points and all the other stuff I think of to keep our group together in uncertain times to try and keep motivation high. Matt Powell has provided some speed sessions and our Sunday morning social runs have been well subscribed. Hopefully, some bases are getting covered after a surge in membership.

We now find ourselves a little light on Run Leaders in some areas after a couple have stepped down and we are lacking first aiders in all areas. This, unfortunately, can’t be rectified yet but must be a work in progress when life returns to normal. We’ve been lucky to be able to have had Zoom chats with an England Athletics coach to help us try and move the best way forward. These sessions were meant to be face to face with our group but as it’s via a webinar it’s only attracted Run Leaders. Things are definitely on the up and we’re moving forward when everything could have stalled.

Doing the park run dance could be a while off

Towards the end of next month, October, park run hopes to return. I say hopes to because at the moment Covid-19 positive tests are doubling every 7-8 days. It is difficult to know what to believe from the various news agencies but they all seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet. If it’s that bad, and bearing in mind we live in a coastal resort town , I really can’t see it happening here. Overall around the country with it’s various spikes, the Government and local authorities won’t allow mass gatherings like that.

Hopefully we might be back in time for these outfits

Where’s Captain Baker? I’ve been here all the time at the Bridge. Mr. Sulu, warp factor 4.

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